Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rally in Johnstown, PA to Support Rep. Jack Murtha

Speaking of Democrats with a Spine . . .

The turnout was impressive last Saturday despite the intermittant rain as Veterans, Democrats and many outraged Americans of all stripes, including top military brass, came from all over the country to Western Pennsylvania to stand up to yet another Swiftboating of a war hero for his Iraq truthtelling.

Many of the same men who smeared John Kerry in 2003 had, in effect, a hate-rally planned for the following day to try to hurt his chances for reelection. Fortunately the chances of that are slim.

Max Cleland, organizer of the rally, was joined by Vietnam veteran and former U.S. Sen. Bob Kerrey, former NATO commander Gen. Wesley Clark, and flying in from Harrisburg, Gov. Ed Rendell. Gov. Rendell managed to squeeze the appearance into his own busy campaign schedule to pump up the crowd. He declared, "How dare these outsiders come here to Pennsylvania and impugn the patriotism of one of the greatest sons in this commonwealth's history."

My husband and I felt driving the five hours to attend the Murtha rally was not only the least we could do, but an honor and a duty to stand with him and show we 'got his back'.

For more info to support John Murtha visit Veterans for Murtha.


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